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1) - D - Do your homework well before delving into discus. Read and research all you can beforehand. Googling will certainly help, as well as spending a good deal of time reading the posts and threads on the simplydiscus.com forum, particularly the stickies in their 'Discus Basics' section, which will provide you with much of the material you need to digest. 2) - I - Investigate and learn of the best sources to get your discus stock. Find those breeders &/or importers that are long time... Read More
Post date: Mon, 10/20/2014 - 09:55


by msjinkzd
NEW! Here Kitty-kitty! Small catfish Part 2 - Centromochlus reticulatus and perugiae This is Part 2 of my blog, and a continuation of "Here Kitty-kitty! Small catfish - Aspidoras" from about one... more
Post date: Sun, 08/03/2014 - 07:42
by NadilynBeato
Hello everyone :) I have been working on a bunch of new projects.  I am really excited to finally start making pillows :)  Here are a few new Daily Creature I made in the past week :) I'm... more
Post date: Wed, 07/30/2014 - 14:50
by bronxzoofrank
Hi, Frank Indiviglio here.  I’m a herpetologist, zoologist, and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquariums, and museums, including over 20 years with the Bronx... more
Post date: Sat, 08/16/2014 - 15:18

Parts for a dual stage regulator

Hello my DIY gurus! I have recently decided to purchase a second 5 lb co2 tank and am now going to need a regulator. I asked around for some that weren't holy grail expensive, and the bottom line is, I guess they are such a commodity that no one really has any cheap ones. SO. It was recommended that I could build one myself and save money that way. 


We've all, for the most part, had the dreaded cyanobacteria battle at one point or another. Weather it be new tank syndrome or an excess of nutrients the bacteria seeks, cyano is quite common to come by and quite a pain to get rid of. One key point to realize is that cyano, unlike algae (which it is often mistaken for), is a bacteria feeding off not only light, but certain nutrients in the tank. With that being said, shutting it out from the light will not work.

cork jungle

Well, it been a while. But I'm getting close to being done with my newest build. Been working on it for the better part of the day. I will put ABG mix and leaf litter in it tomorrow. Granted I'm stuck on the plants. Hopefully I can find someone to hook me up with some cuttings, or I'm going to have to wait till I got some $$$ to get some. Well here are some pics, and I will discuss the build if anybody has any questions.



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