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  Catch the replay or PodCast from Hydra Radio last night, in case you missed it!   Last night we had young photographer phenom Tyler Termini on in Hour #1, followed by Sandy Moore from Segrest Farms discussing pet owner rights and legistlation in Hour #2.  It was a great show and we were delighted to have both of these guests make some time in their busy schedules to speak with us! Listen by clicking the link (Best in Firefox....Chrome is a little weird... Read More
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HydraForum was "officially" created in May 2013 in an effort to consolidate main interests of all hobbies contained within glass that are showcase the plants and animals of the Natural World and the hobbyists behind these creations; the website is meant to not only share resources and information, as is the case in traditional hobbyist forum, but to highlight the similarities between all of these hobbies in a venture meant to promote education and camaraderie amongst people that have... Read More
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by msjinkzd
Small catfish, other than the dwarf Corydoras species, often go unrecognized or under appreciated. I happen to have quite a passion for catfish, and keep dozens of species. While Corydoras... more
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by NadilynBeato
Hello everyone!!! :D This past week I was able to complete 3 new Daily Creatures :) I'm working to complete animal sets so that I can design more animal fabrics!! My Gecko fabrics arrived this... more
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by bronxzoofrank
Hi, Frank Indiviglio here.  I’m a herpetologist, zoologist, and book author, recently retired from a career spent at several zoos, aquariums, and museums, including over 20 years with... more
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How to / DIY CO2 in only 6 steps!

This is one of many ways to make a DIY CO2 canister for your planted aquarium. These systems typically work better for aquariums less than 55g. 

Supplies I used for this particular system:

2L bottle

1L bottle

airline tube

Small filter pad

PVC pipe

Air stones ( I used wooden ones because they produce small bubbles but they do need to be replaced regularly because they start to fall apart over time)

Cardboard box





Measuring cups

Welcome to the Fishing Forum!


For many people that know me, they have experienced my passion for fishing! I love fishing as much as any other hobby! Why? Because it brings me up close to fish! I carefully release every fish I catch and I love to involve my son, Jaykob, in learning about conservation as well. I hope everyone who has fishing experiences will post them here so we can grow into a main forum!

Thanks All!

Sam Scalz